Wires wont fit to jfp1 connectors

Hello i recently purchased a 2nd ati 6950 graphics card to put it in a crossfirex config and it works perfectly but with the second card in there is not enough room for my power button connectors to fit on and still have enough space for the card to sit in the slot. any adapters or anything to get around this its a pain to have to reach in my pc to start it. my mother board is http://www.msi.com/product/mb/P67A-GD65--B3-.html
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  1. It looks like there is plenty of space between the front panel connectors and the second PCIe slot. Can you run the front panel connectors between the board and the card?
  2. nope the little black part were the wire goes to the end its a little to long like a cm or 2 the card is pretty long so it does cover most of the connectors
  3. bump any help?
  4. I think you need to look around and route the cables differently. Or take a picture of the inside of your case. The card does not look to be in the way of the actual jumpers so it should be a matter of routing the cables.

    I got the exact same motherboard. It make a great hackingtosh PC for Lion.
  5. its not that the cables are to short everyone knows this right its that the black connector makes it just a little to long to fit in with the card.

    heres a pic with my graphics card and the jfp1/2 connectors on the mobo.

  6. bump still no help anyone have any ideas that could help me.
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