ATI Driver note on older system

My beloved home-made WinXP PC is winding down it's last legs. It's P4 system that's been my most stable computer to date.

I added an ATI HD3850 AGP graphics card to the system a couple years ago to at least play WoW & LOTR at full resolution. It's done well but the system is old and not handling the updates very well.

Just a note, AMD took over ATI and their drivers. I did the upgrade to the AMD branded Catalyst Control Center suite v 10.12 from v10.9

Well, it's the old advice "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" v10.12 of CCC caused me BSOD and system hangs.

I googled up a help site that walked me through a full, manual uninstall of the driver and CCC utility. Even using it's own Remove Utility, it left many dll's in the system32 folder which Window's defaulted to and needed manual removal, along with several registry entries.

After all that I reinstalled the ATI-branded CCC suite v10.9 and all is well again.

Winxp sp3
Abit-IC7G maxIII mobo
3.0GHz P4
ATI 3850 AGP graphics.

can't wait for a new machine this year. ..
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  1. Just another confirmation of, if it works don't f&%¤ with it!
    From a P4 to a Sandy Bridge, what an upgrade! (even if you go the AMD route)
  2. Yeah, that AGP hotfix is such a pain in the ass that whenever you try to update a driver that uses it all sorts of crap happens. Well, whatever you get latter this year, Sandy Bridge or Bulldozer, you're going to see a huge upgrade over that old socket 478 system. Hopefully your new system will last you just as long :D
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