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Memtest failures with several new rams


I recently built a new pc. Here is my config:
Core i7-2600k
Asus p8z68-V LX motherboard
Corsair xms3 2x4gb ram dual channel ddr3
Thermaltake tr2 750w PSU
Evga gtx 480 GPU
A 3 year old Samsung 500gb hdd

Of late all my games would fail with "program stopped working" error. Some other applications would fail on startup as well. I ran memtest and sure enough there were memory failures. I removed one of the sticks and reran memtest and it was fine. As the failure happened just outside the return policy, I had to rma with corsair. Got new ram and again, I hit the same issues... I thought it could be the motherboard failure so I moved my good memory stick to different slots and everytime it worked fine. Then I went ahead and bought another memory pack from local store. Still the same issues. One stick worked and the other doesn't (I can't be that unlucky)

Is there something I am missing ? Is it my motherboard or PSU which is somehow damaging the ram. A this point I am very clueless. At some point I had also thought it could be that my hdd is too old for the system. But then there are memtest failures. But how can it be that a new stick from corsair or a dual channel kit I bought will have the same issues ?

Please help.

Thanks in advance
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    Check your BIOS settings to be sure they match the settings on the RAM stickers for speed, latencies, and voltage. If they don't match, change them in the BIOS, save and exit, then boot to memtest86+ to test.

    It is also possible you did get unlucky 3x!
  2. Thanks. I hadnt checked that

    Well xmp shows temperature of 1.65 while jedec shows 1.5. Could the operating voltage be an issue ? I have read somewhere that 1.5 is the max recommended by sandy bridge.

    At this point I'd be happy if I was unlucky. Changing memory sticks is still fine, I don't really want to replace my motherboard.
  3. Do change the RAM voltage to 1.2V in the BIOS. I don't believe 1.65V damaged you RAM, but it could have.
  4. already did it. so far so good ...
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