Random Computer Shutdown

Hi guys, my roomates desktop computer is acting up and I need some suggestions.

The computer will shut down/restart itself for no apparent reason. I can't find any real pattern to the shut downs. It might happen within the first few minutes of up time or anywhere up to an hour of being on.

Troubleshooting that I have done:
-removed harddrive, put in new harddrive, started installing windows, computer shut down just like before. So can't be the harddrive.
-Removed sticks of ram one at a time but computer still shuts down. Can't be a corrupt ram issue.
-removed video card and inserted a different video card. Computer still shuts down. Can't be the video card.

So pretty much I have concluded it must be a) power supply b) processor c) motherboard

What do you guys think should be my next step?

-computer runs very cool, lots of extra fans
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  1. sounds like processor, is it following proper shutdown proceders or is it just powering off?

    if its hardware issue usally in windows you should get a bsod, if not and it just powers off its usually the power supply thats at fault becasue it shut down becasue it lost all power
  2. Thanks Shanky,

    The computer does not follow proper shutdown procedure. It just instantly powers off/restarts. Would you say that is a possible symptom of a failing power supply? I've never dealt with a failed/failing power supply so I figured if it was the power supply that the computer would not even turn on.
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