I hpoe i am doing this right so if not please foregive me
I have a GA-P35-DS3P motherboard with intel quad core Q6600#240 ghs cpu
and at present a g-force gts 250 video card that seems to have trouble playing the game medal of honor so i was hoping that sone could tell the largest card I could fit to this motherboard
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  1. The power on the card that you can install is going to be based on the size of your PSU! Your monitor resolution will play a role too!
  2. Try overclocking if you are not.
  3. You should be able to play just about any game on a 250 with a quad core CPU (I'm assuming you have at least 2 gig of RAM with that setup). Are you maxing out the video settings? To get any improvement over the 250 you need a GTX 470 or a Radeon 5850 or 6870 class card.
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