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PhysX question

I recently upgraded my Geforce 8600 GTS SLI setup for a GTX 580.

Im wondering if one of my old 8600 GTS's would be an adequate solution for a dedicated PhysX card? Or would it end up just bringing my fps down because its not good enough?

Should I just keep having my GTX 580 do the full job or dedicate a 8600 GTS for PhysX?


*EDIT = Also, if I did use the 8600 for PhysX, how would I go about installing both sets of drivers for each card?
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  1. just use the gtx580. 8600gts is not really enough for physx. not worth the effort to set both cards up.
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    I am going to give you some advice, being someone who has dedicated cards for physx in the past and recently again. A 8600gts isn't going to be enough in newer titles but give it a shot however you will likely have a performance loss. Nvidia has for some time now been raising the bar higher on the demands that physx makes on a system. Used to that a ageia ppu was more than enough and even a meager 8400gs would have managed but now days even your 8600gts isn't going to cut it except for ati users. For physx I wouldn't use any thing less than a 9600gt while 8800/9800gt is often one of the best choices.

    Load up the most demanding physx title that you play and run it as normal on the main card. Then perform the same tests with one of your old cards as a ppu. Installation is very easy. I personally believe though that nvidia may have put a cap on how much on a percentile bases how much physx can use.

    Some info about my work/gamestation

    GTX460 1gb + 8800gt.
  3. 8800GT is so cheap these days, and good card for Physx, so why not ditch the 8600 ? I mean, you splurged on the 580. You could have bought a 570 and had enough left over for a decent Physx card.
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