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Gtx 460 oc vs 6870

which is better the gtx 460 oc'd or the 6870 that i've posted?

Gtx 460 oc-


I will be playing mostly war games bad company 2, modern warfare2, black ops. I will be doing a lot of hd video editng so please take that into consideration.
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  1. 6870 is the better choice.

    What is the make/model of your power supply?
  2. 6870 is better but costs more. have you looked for a 6850 or gtx 470?
  3. Yes that psu will be enough to power it,very good/reliabe brand.
    That why u posted it?
  4. the 470 is out of my price range and runs tooo hot. the 6850, well i think i want better preformance than it.
  5. Well if a 470 or a 6870 is out of price range and you want more performance than a 6850 or a gtx460 then you should go with a 5850.I think it's right in between your budget.The 5850's are selling for cheap now ever since the new 68xx series came out.

    XFX 5850 $200=$170 after MIR + Free Shiping

    ASUS 5850 $210=$180 after MIR + Free Shipping

    I rather like the Asus 5850.It is much better for because of the type of cooler they use.
  6. What is your budget?
    Plz list your full system specs and resoultion so we can better help you find what your looking for.
    Also if your a gamer plz list some games you play.
  7. i72600
    6gb memory
    1tb seagate hd
    psu: antec 650w
    motherboard can handle 1 high end card

    6870 is in my price range
    couldn't find a good gtx470 for the same price
    the gtx 460 is overclocked, just want to know if it's better or worse than a stock 5850, they are about the same price
  8. posted the games earlier, mostly new war games
  9. What resoultion is your monitor?

    Get a 6870 if you can,they are very good cards and give even better performance when it comes to crossfiring.I currently own a XFX6870 and it's great.

    The GTX460 O.C. is worse than a 5850.

    Depnding on your resoultion you should have no problem maxing out COD series games.But if your playing BFBC2 or Arma 2 your gonna need x2 6870's to max it out.You can still play them on high settings but you can't use the eye candy(AA AF etc.)
  10. usually 1600x900 mowstly on a 20 in monitor, 4xaa 16xaf. Sometimes on a 42 in playing at full 1080p, 4xaa 16xaf. so either a regular 5850, the asus 5850 (is it oc'd), or the 6870
  11. mjmjpfaff said:
    the 470 is out of my price range and runs tooo hot. the 6850, well i think i want better preformance than it.

    The hd6850 and GTX 460 1gb are basically the same card. So if you want more performance than a hd6850, you will want more performance than a GTX 460 1gb. See for yourself. ;)
  12. i understand that i now am deciding between the 6870 the 5850 and the asus 5850. also do you know if the asus 5850 is oc'd?

    this is the asus 5850 i am talking about-
  13. I can't tell if that version is or is not.
    Why buy from amazon anyway?why not newegg?

    I also game on a 20"1600x900.I manage 50+FPS in BFBC2 with no AA and no AF.I'm sure you can mange playable FPS with everything maxed out but i like to play as close as possible to 60FPS.Like i said before theirs absolutely no problem running the COD series games.I get around 90+FPS.
    With your i7 i'm sure you can crank out another 5-10FPS per game.
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    if the 6870 is in your price range, definitely get it over the 5850. Better performance for new games. in some games the gtx460 is faster than the 5850 but the 6870 will be faster than all those cards in nearly all circumstances.
  15. budget <205$- sorry i didnt post that earlier and i buy from amazon because ther is no tax.....sick of taxes here in california
  16. Last time i checked their is no tax on newegg either...
  17. yes, for california there is
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  19. well for video editing the 460 will be better, even if it isnt oc'ed. This is because video editing also has a lot to do with your cpu and the gtx 460 has cuda technology. So it's up to you to decide which is more important, gaming or video editing? I'd prefer the 460 because it has very good framerates at 1920x1080 and (the usefullness of this has been debated) it has physx technology, great sli scaling and ofcourse cuda, which, for lack of a better phrase enables the graphics card to "help" the cpu in certain cuda compatible programs such as video editing. For me the great, yet slightly lower framerates in games are an acceptible trade-off. But in the end put all the pros of each card on a scale and see which way it leans man. Good luck with your decision.
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