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Max ram supported

i just got a refurbished gateway DX4850-57 computer. it has an i7 2600 cpu @3.40 ghz, 8 gb ram..i was wondering how much ram is supported for this model..i searched a few and some say 8gb, then some say 16gb ? can anybody help me out b4 i go out and buy my new ram..thanks in advance
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    DX4850-57 RAM Specifications

    Maximum Memory 16GB
    Memory Expansion 4 slots (2 Banks of 2)
    Memory Comments PC3-10666 DDR3-1333 240pin SDRAM DIMM

    So, to get 16GB u need to have 4x4GB RAM sticks like this
  2. And if u are upgrading from the 8GB that u have, match them!
  3. Find out what RAM do u have now...

    Use CPU-Z to find out @
  4. thanks for all your help guys. much appreciated :bounce: :love: :D :pt1cable:
  5. Good luck!
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  7. Thanx for the vote : ))
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