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5850 vs 6870

Which is better 5850 or 6870 in terms of performance. Please consider that I do a lot of hd video editing (full 1080p), and also playing war games like bad company 1 and 2, modern warfare 1 and 2, and black ops.
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  1. 6870
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    6870 all day long
  3. what about the gtx vs a stock 5850
  4. the gtx what? the gtx 470 is on par with the 5850. the new 580 will walk all over it
  5. srry this is the gtx 460 i am talkin about:

    PNY XLR8 GTX 460
  6. gtx460 is more comparable to a 6850, better off with a gtx470
  7. what about the oc'd gtx 460 that i am talking about?
  8. The 5850 is better than any GTX460 no matter which O.C. version it is.Same goes for the 6870.
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