New Comp parts will not work together

Just bought a New 600w Power Supply, AM3 CPU, Asus ,AM3+ mobo, 2 GB of PNY Ram, and a new 18 inch height Case....all from new egg...put them all together and what do you get? Black screen when evertyhing boots really confused because i would like to use my on board video card instead of having to plug into my video card...but the VGA plug-in in the I/0 panel is a female plug-in...not a male...I do not know if all these new peices of hardware will boot up brand new together...never having seen each other before...i'm so confused on what to do...plz help

Also my CPU is not getting even slightly warm...when the mobo light is on and everything is running but the CPU is Cold as could be...and yes I have a heatsink but i pulled it off when i knew something was going wrong...plz help
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  1. I would start by double checking all of your connections to mainboard, specifically, those from power supply to motherboard, including 'cpu aux power' from PSU to mainboard. If using a GPU, you also need to be sure it has it's external power input(s) from PSU connected as well...

    At this point, you are not really 'booting up', you are merely trying to POST and get a display so you can can get into the BIOS to configure....
  2. tried that whole guide detail by detail and i got nothing...the main prob is that my CPU will not even get warm! lol
  3. Do you get a POST beep (one short beep)?
  4. i do not think i have a case or mobo did not come with one...
  5. The motherboard has a tiny built-in speaker; about 1/2" diameter and 1/4" high; plugged in on two motherboard pins. It really does not look like a speaker at all. This will be activated during a successful POST and output a short single beep. This is the POST beep.
  6. can you give us specific model numbers for all of your parts.
  7. I am not getting a post beep
  8. r3xx3r said:
    can you give us specific model numbers for all of your parts.

    I posted my parts above...
  9. wowjunkie25 said:
    And Ubrales I am currently looking for this speaker but cannot find it...but there is a plug in for one on the set of pins for the front panel on the mobo...

    This speaker is a tiny one, easily missed; it looks like a black cylinder with a tiny hole in the center. The 8-pins header that you are seeing is for the front panel audio (headphones, mic); very different from the 2-pin mobo speaker header. On some motherboards, this speaker is installed on the mobo, and an extra one may be included in the motherboard package. Its function is to provide the POST beep, and also other beeps which are the error beeps per beep codes from your motherboard (and BIOS) manufacturer; for trouble-shooting purposes.
  10. What on board video? I see no IGP on that ASUS M5A87 AM3+ AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard at all.
    Only A old LPT and Com port.
    You will need a discrete graphics card.
  11. what do you mean by discrete and i am not trying to argue with you but i really wanna know what the ports on the back I/0 panel are lol there are those two...and idk what they are for...projector maybe? so to see a monitor PERIOD! my comp needs to be connected to a Video Card like my ATI Radeon HD 4650 that i have already plugged in? lol if that is true i feel a lot better and i am about 99% sure that it is my CPU that has a factory defect...
  12. The Com port could be used for an antique (Legacy) computer mouse.
    The LPT (Parallel Port) was used for old computer printers etc like back in the 1980's and 1990's era.
    One could also network computers using those old ports as well.
    Rarely if ever used today.

    The Radeon HD 4650 graphics card IS a discrete graphics card rather than Integrated (on (the motherboard built in) board graphics.If you had a bad graphics card (and it can happen) one could try out a different known working graphics card instead.

    Also are you sure you have all the proper connectors hooked up on your motherboard correctly?

    Did you remember to hook up BOTH the Main power supply connector AND the ATX/EPS 12V CPU connector to your motherboard as a hint.
    How about all the other connectors too?
  13. Double check to make sure your ram is in the right slots. It's different for every board. Refer to the boards manual and look for which slots are dual channel.
  14. yes i have my 4 pin plugged into the 4pin next to the CPU and i have my 20+4 pin plugged into the motherboard...but what i am concerned with is that my mobo's CPU HSF plug in has 4 pins...but my heatsink only needs if there is a safety feature that makes sure a HSF is on...but idk...but what i do know is that i am looking for a local person with an AM3 mobo to test my CPU
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