BIOS and my motherboard P43B-A7

Till this point in time I thought that I need a bios upgrade, but now I just don't know, maybe you'll help me guys after I tell you the problem.

A year ago I made an oc to my fsb, and my processor was running at 2.9 ghz now it's running at it's stable 2.6.

What I did from back then I think a few things, I changed and added another memory module, I updated bios (but I'm not sure if I really did that), I updated my motherboard chipset (this is what I'm sure about), and I don't know at what point in time my overclock went back to normal, at 2.6..

Now the problem is that I go to bios, I find other settings, (seems that I really updated it) And I find that number to the fsb 200, and it's blue, seems like I can change it, but no, bios won't let me change the number.

I want to overclock, but I can't do it, that's my problem, maybe a few of you experimented overclockers could tell me what I did wrong or how to resolve this problem?

I either need a bios update, or I need to change it, from another manufacturer, or maybe someone sees my mistake, maybe I did something and I didn't notice it?

These are some details:

My motherboard manufacturer is Biostar, type P43B-A7
BIOS Date: September 17th 2009
BIOS ID: 64-0100-009999-00101111-091709-Eaglelake-P43BA001
BIOS OEM: P43B-A7 (P43BA917 BF) BIOS Date: 09/17/09 - 080015
Chipset: Intel 2E20 rev 3

In bios itself when I enter it on top it's written IP43B-A7S I guess it is it's version again, or who knows, I'm just a starter here :)

Thank you for your time guys.
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  1. try removing the CMOS battery and put back in after 3 mins and see if that helped
  2. Thank you for the help, but there wasn't even any problem..

    It was so stupid of me )) In place of hitting Enter and waiting for some options, I accidentally hit a number, and it changed, so that's how I understood that the FSB is changed using numbers.. Very sorry for this. It's just that usually when using BIOS you always enter "enter" and then you write numbers, or change or whatever.. My God )

    Now I just have to find the DRAM:FSB rating, since I can't find it anywhere :D

    Still, the problem was solved and this thread can be deleted. Thank you, I was searching for this answer for quite some days..
  3. lol glad its fixed
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