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Cpu blown or both motherboard and cpu?

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June 29, 2011 3:40:56 AM

Question i have is i recieved an old etower with an athlon le processor i was asked to fix it wouldent power on so i figured the power supply was bad i took it out and tryed the power supply on another desktop nothing. so after trashing the power supply i located another one of 300w i had herd of amd chips needing a 325 or 50 watt supply to work .Even so i popped the 300w in was only a 20 pin i power the tower on i hear fans spinning. So i think oh great its working but no video i put in a card still nothing so no im thinking there is no 4 pin plug on this supply maybe still not enough power however i ive had computers run fine without a 4 pin plug connected so im kinda thinking im missing 4 pins got only 20 and im missing a 4 pin connector so i say screw it ill rip out the main computer mewer supplly the big boy 650w with all kinds of plugs. so i hook every thing up all plugs plugged in hit power and nothing at all like when i got it. Now i know my power supply aint dead it is almost brand new took it out of a working computer. so i gets to thinkin maybe the memory is bad or cpu is blown out the whole computer board everything is junk. Now i know most people are going to say its the motherboard right off. I lastly checked all the plugs to make sure they wasnt loose then i decided to take off the 4-pin connector plug that was near the cpu that was plugged in hit power and what do you know fans moving an hd light. Now you can still assert its the motherboard. But i had a brand new socket am3 motherboard that i know worked 100% amd i took the chip out the etower and popped it in the new board for a laugh hooked all plugs up hit power Nothing at all now ive been told the boards blow in emachines but still i press on i locate and disconnect that 4 pin connector from the new board and hit power bingo i get fans and hd lights??? Im thinking all i need to do is purchase another processor but i dont wanna waste money if everything is junk . Both boards did the same thing the original and the new one only thing i dont have is another processor to test My newer board is an am3 chip and will not work in an am2 as most of you know. got a whole computer if only the chip was bad would worth fixing id say any ideas.
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June 29, 2011 9:43:54 AM

Not worth spending cash on a emachine, especially if the mobo and cpu suspect.
June 29, 2011 3:15:34 PM

yea, it is not worth spending the money on. just build a new amd system. you can build a good one for between $400 and $700
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June 29, 2011 3:40:41 PM

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June 30, 2011 1:36:16 AM

how much sense does that make to spend 500 bucks and have to build it when u can spend the same 500 and get a full computer from walmarts with everything in a box haha even better then what ur saying i just have to open a box and hook wires up. Ive seen emachines last 10 years yet everyone says there junk u cant upgrade em etc hp is the best etc. Purchese a mini tower hp u could easley say the same about hp its junk you cant upgrade it or add a new video card even though they advertise port for one. Point im trying to make is why not spend 50$ on a quad core and pop it in. bingo running computer. Why waste 400+ dollars buying a new case new hd new psu new mem card readers if ur case dont have em a new video card etc. look at the real cost. Yet still no one has awnsered my question almost like the guy at staples tell me what u think i wanna hear just buy a whole new computer. Toshiba this cant be good is it dell is the faster one??? Sure just buy it its a good computer what ive asked is my old motherboard still good. Not asking where to buy an i9 with 1200mhx ddr 3 mem etc.
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July 1, 2011 8:42:28 AM

SInce we don't know if you used an adequate PSU, there is no way of definitively answering your question, excluding, of course....'MAYBE your MB is also bad'.
July 4, 2011 11:38:57 AM

thats what im saying and i stated i used a 650w which is plenty of power and also a 300w and each time on each board i unplugged the 4 pin connector and stuff powers on so it almost seems like the orginal emachines board is working if so i could install a qaud core which used 65w id say as the board is made up to 89w i figure 65 is safe. What does the 4 pin on the board do ??? provide power to the cpu?? If only i had a working am2 socket chip i could test i wonder if a local computer shop would be able to test chip it
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July 4, 2011 3:27:45 PM

emachines were notorious for having cheap power supplies that when they failed also would take out the motherboard as well.I had an emachines T6420 that was given to me (gift) back in 2007.It was from early 2006.It died I think sometime in 2009.However I was able to find an alternative replacement motherboard for $40 (newer socket too AM2+ instead of it's 939 one)
I put in a reliable 380 watt antec power supply with a better Athlon II X2 240 CPU and am using it right now.It's not my main system however as I have 4 other newer and much more powerful desktops.The failure in a way was a blessing in disguise as I upgraded the components but was able to use the older Hard Drive with all the software (and XP) on it.I reused the DVD burner as well.

Perhaps you are talking about the eps connector