I5 2500k - worth oc'ing past 5ghz?

So I'm at 4.6ghz with ~1.34 vcore

Is it worth overclocking to or above 5ghz? Will I be substantially lowering the life of my cpu?
Will there be a noticeable performance increase?

Right now I have decent temps, nothing gets past 50C except for prime blend.
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  1. Try OCCT linpack to see where your temps get.

    If you have reasonable therms (maximum of like 85 degrees Celsius in linpack) I wouldn't worry about it. It'll never hit anything near that temp in real world situations and it's not like you're running at that temp or voltage 24 hours a day. You should be using c-states and C1E so your CPU will throttle down when you're not gaming.
  2. I'd only look to coverlock the CPU if it is the bottelnet.. OC that requires upping the voltage reducies the life expectancy of the chip.
  3. I did OCCT linpack and stayed under 65C.
  4. Performance increase depends on the application. Something like SETI@Home or Einstein@Home would definitely benefit from every MHz you can possibly get out of it. Games will stop benefiting at a certain point, when the CPU is no longer the limiting factor -- but that depends on the rest of your setup.

    For E-peen, yes it's worth it.
  5. Surely pushing the OC that high will just drastically shorten the motherboards "life span" ? 5GH is already a huge overlock. Id just be happy with that :)
  6. I thought I read 'many' 2500k cpus have stability issues going higher than 46x multiplier, regardless of core voltage....; being able to POST is one thing, booting into Windows and running Prime95 is another important step, but, biggest of all, being able to play a game without crashing back to desktop is quite another....

    If unstable, what is the point?
  7. You will see zero difference in gaming once the CPU isn't being maxed out. The GPU will max itself, and that's the performance you'll get.
  8. Just have some money on the side. You know, in case you need to replace your CPU.

  9. Thanks, guys. I'm keeping it at 4.6
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