Weird video problems with BIOS and I'm so confused...

My specs on my computer is:
ASUS P8Z68-V LX mobo
i5-2500K proc w/ Hyper212+ heatsink
8GB GSkill memory
Kingston HyperX 128GB SSD boot drive
NVidia 560Ti (Galaxy branded) video card

My computer was booting/working perfectly.... then randomly no picture would actually load until Windows was finished loading. Which I could deal with, but I couldn't see anything before then and thus couldn't get into the BIOS for anything. I updated the BIOS (to P8Z68-V LX 0703 BIOS) with the ASUS utility thing for windows and rebooted. After doing that I get absolutely nothing on my monitor. The computer boots up, most the post BEEP noise, and then just stays there doing nothing.

I'm wondering if its booting me straight into the BIOS and asking me to do something with the BIOS update, but I can't see anything to tell it to boot to windows or anything. Here are some things I've tried to no avail.

- Using my other monitor
- Taking out my GFX card and plugging monitor directly into DVI port of the mobo (Didn't disconnect the PCI-E power from it, but i completely pulled it out of the slot)
- Resetting CMOS (then doing it again while pulling the battery)
- Hitting it
- Yelling at it
- Saying nice things to it

If anybody could provide any advice on what might be able to fix this predicament - you would eternally be my hero! Thanks!
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