Help with tri monitor setup.

So I recently got a trimonitor setup on sli 570's, and I run windows 7 x64. I'm really enjoying it in games, however, I dislike how when I maximize something, it spans all the monitors, and not just one, like with dual. What I'm wondering is, is there a way to make stuff like chrome, and office only maximize to one monitor, while games continue to maximize to all 3?
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  1. Since I don't have a Nvidia Card but do have have a Eyefinity Setup, I might be posting some ATI related stuff....but anyway.

    Is your settings currently at Extend or Duplicate? If you hold 'Start' Key and then press 'p', it should display a mix of settings. When in 'Extend' it should just be like 3 different screens where you can maximise one program per screen. In 'Duplicate' the 3 screens should appear as one whole screen where any program maximised will take up all 3 screens.

    In gaming, you can either run in 'Extend' where the game will take up the centre monitor or 'Duplicate' where the game will run with all 3 monitors. There are other options when you press 'start' and 'p' such as 'Computer only' and 'Projector only'.
  2. that only lets me go on two monitors though. I can get what I want by setting it to activate all displays rather than surround gaming, but then I would have to switch modes when I want to game. I beleive hydravision could do what I want, but its only for ati cards...
  3. Even with Hydra Vision, I have to manually select single monitor or 'Duplicate' if I wanted to game because Windows is running on the other 2 screens if the program/game only takes up one screen which throttles down the GFX Card down to Windows Aero Speed (725Mhz -> 157Mhz). Which totally sucks.

    Well, looks like I don't have an answer to your problem. There are some other programs like Hydra Vision but Hydra Vision is a little glitchy for me.
  4. yea, unless someone has a better option, I'll just have to make do with switching modes.
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