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Cant get my nVidia dedicated physx card working on primary slot!

Hi guys,, Long time lurker, first time poster, I have a 460GTX and I am trying to setup my old 260GTX as a dedicated physx card. The Motherboard is an ASUS X38 P5E3 Deluxe and has 2x PCIe 16X slots and an 8xPCIe slot..

For heat issues I am having to install the 460GTX on the second PCIe slot, and the 260GTX on the top PCIe slot (primary slot)

I have setup the 260GTX as the dedicated physyx card in the nVidia Control Panel but when I boot I cant get any signal from the bottom card(460GTX) until windows is loaded…But if I connect the monitor to my top card(260GTX) I can see the Post etc displays… :o

So what can I do to set the second PCIE slot as master? I have found a PEG option but cant seem to get it to work...any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. What is the cause of the heat issues when you run the 460 in the primary slot?
  2. on the top slot the 460gtx is too close to the 260GTX, about 1mm space between the two... so the fan cant really suck in much air to cool the card.. thats why i had to install it on the bottom..
  3. Do you play many games with PhysX enabled?
  4. yes i do actually, with everything turned high/max. and the 260gtx seems to help in frames quite a bit
  5. you can't...from what I have found the primary slot is have to use the 2nd or 3rd slot for the secondary card. put the 260 in the 3rd slot...460 in primary.
  6. You might consider placing the PhysX card in the x8 slot if it results in better spacing between the cards. You will see no performance difference.
  7. that is the problem, I would have installed it on the 3rd PCIe slot but my case is restricting me from using a dual slot card such as the 260GTX on the 8x lane.

    I have an idea, do you think it would be possible for me to use a kvm switch between the two cards then connect it to my monitor? so when I need to see the Bios etc I can just click a button and it will switch to the POST and then when I want to see the windows I can just click a button and I am seeing windows?

    will that kvm switch idea work or is it going to damage anything?
  8. Or, could I connect 2 cables to the same monitor?

    my 24" LCD has a DVi and a VGA out, Could I connect the DVI to the 460GTX and the VGa to the 260 GTX ? Will that work? so when booting up the monitor uses the 260GTX display to display the bios and when in windows the primary card / display is the 460GTX?
  9. anyone at all?
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  12. Some motherboard do let you change what the primary display PCIe slot is. It is adjusted in the BIOS. My Gigabyte motherboard allows me to do so. You'll have to search through the BIOS menus.
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