I5 2500k - one core is 6C cooler than other cores when under load

So recently I applied more thermal paste to my cpu and fixed my fan setup.
Before, I'd get 85C in prime blend after 3 seconds, and now it stays at around 60C.

I did IBT and it maxed at around 65C.

But one core consistently stays cooler than the other three under load.
@Idle temps, they are all the same, give or take 2C.
It's core 0, if that matters.
It was like that before I reapplied thermal paste and switched case fans, so I'm not sure it's a matter of putting more paste in the right places.

Maybe it's real temp just being strange?

I have the latest version if it matters.

Update: Coretemp acts the same way.
After a few runs of IBT at max stress level, the highs were 57, 63, 64, and 60.

So what gives?
Is it a bad reading?
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  1. Nope, it's likely just the quality of the silicon varying across the CPU die. Every multi-core CPU has temp variations like that.
  2. I just posted about the same thing :P After some FurMark testing on my GPU my cores recorded something like #0 - 56, #1 45, #2 55, #3 45. Glad to see someone else is experiencing the same thing :P
  3. Up to 7-8c core variation is normal, depending on the processor.
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