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I have a Presario Compaq SR1303WM. I was having issues with the original video card. A video card from another computer was put into my computer (it had been purchased for the old computer) It's an ATI Radeon X1950. It was working fairly well. However, now it's having a lot of problems. It keeps shutting down during game play. Even games like Yahoo! Pool.

A better power supply was purchased for it. A diablotek DA series 500watt. But it wouldn't work in the computer for some reason.

I'd really appreciate any and all help that can given.

Thank you in advance,

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  1. Hello Misty;
    Welcome to THG!

    Unfortunately, trying to get parts for your PC is as frustrating (and expensive!) as getting parts for 1953 Corvette. You could probably spend $500 on a completely new computer that would run rings around your Presario. Sometimes it's cheaper in the long run to just start fresh. Here is a good starting point:,2811.html
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