First Build, Need Feedback

Hi, this is my first time checking out this forum after a recommendation from a friend.

Just finished my first build last night, just wondering whether I should be seeing any bottleneck/cooling issues with this setup:

Intel i7 2600k
MSI P67 mobo
2x4 gigs of G.SKILL DDR3 1600 ram
1 gig 460 GTX
120gig OCZ SSD Vertex 2
850w Thermaltake PSU for room to grow
Windows 7 64-bit

and an old 500gb Samsung t166 7200rpm drive from my last comp

All wrapped up in a Cooler Master Centurion case (it was free lol)

Now I was wondering if i should see any cooling issues with this setup in this case? The case is only equipped with 1 120mm fan and 1 80mm fan. From what I've read, the i7 runs pretty hot.

My ambient temp in my room is about 80 degrees in the summer.

Is my bottleneck going to be my graphics card?

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  1. Have you been monitoring temps on your processor? I would recommend you download Real Temp and see how well the processor is being cooled. Or download Hardware Monitor and check overall system temperatures. Your graphics card will probably display temps in whatever software the manufacturer provides.

    To answer your other question: Your system is fast enough not to bottleneck your card.

    Check the temps and see how they look, but my hunch is that you'll want a better case than that to house your components. Especially if you're planning on adding another 460.
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