Weird problem with high-end pc !

A year ago I managed to put these together :
Mobo : Asus Rampage II extreeme
CPU : I7 950 Blumfield @ ~3.6 ghz
GPU : ATI 5970 2 gb ddr5
Ram : 6 x 2 Patriot 1333 (triple channel)
PSU : 1200 w chieftec.
Storage: 4 X 1 tb.
CASE : Thermaltake VI with Xpressar cooling (freon cooling)

Problem is very weird. After a proper shutdown, computer wont react to power on button; doesn't get any of the voltages (chipset would light-up). I wait a couple of days without power cord in it and when I plug it in it works normally for a week or so, then I find it switched off...
It sounds like PSU problem, but PSU works without problems outside.
There are no PCI devices in the buses;

If PSU is the problem, what sort of minimal PSU wattage would you try (and install) in this beast ?
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  1. It is either PSU or motherboard problem, intermittent problems like that is hard to find. The power cord though points at the PSU, a quality 750-850watt PSU should be able to handle that rig.
  2. whats it do if you use the start button on the motherbd instead of thepower button on the case? (Seeing if its a case power button issue)
  3. I did try that, nothing happened. I tried shorting power sw pins. Nothing.. I'm expecting new psu when paycheck comes :).
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