Looking for ideas to make good use of two computers!

This may not be the right board, but it is the closest board that could fit my question >.<
Over past few years, i bought lots of computer parts, and few days ago i realized i had enough parts to build a new computer.
Just need a case for the second one, but thats no biggy. I was going to sell the parts individually, but me being lazy, and for
no reason at all, i want to make it a second computer.

So... I'm not sure how i can make a good use of the second computer, hopefully ppl from tom's hardware can enlighten me >.<

basic specs on two computer is...
first comp: 2600k with fatal1ty mobo, 2.2Ghz 8gb ram, ssd drives with 4 hdds, gtx580sli, 1000w psu
second comp: i7-860, msi p55a fuzion mobo, 1333mhz 4gb ram, hdd as boot up drive, and 5850, 950w psu.

first computer i mainly use it for gaming and some graphics stuff.
Selling the parts might be the best idea, but... i dunno! if there is nothing i can do with it, i'll try to sell it >.<

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  1. I'll buy your 5850 :)

    You could turn it into a home server, but its a little on the high end for that.
  2. if your willing to sell the i7 I'd be interested, You could just make it into a high end htpc if felt like it just grab a bluray drive an you'd be set.
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