hi guyz.. i am having trouble wiht my gfx card i have a 9800gt which i've been using for weeks, but yesterday i encountered problem my pc is shuts off when gfx card is pluged in after 10 15 mintues but when i take it out pc runs without any problem.. my gpu temps are around 60C so i cant see any overheating issues because i am getting these temps since i have bought and using it and it was working all fine
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  1. when the card is out, how do u see the display, with a onboard VGA card.. ?
  2. Could be your power supply as well as the video card.

    Put the card in another PC, run it that way and see if the other PC also crashes.

    If you can, try another video card in your computer, in the same wattage range as the 9800, if the other card also causes the PC to crash, but your card in another PC is OK, change the power supply.
  3. well i have changed my PSU its an ASUS 450W, now pc aint crashing but em getting high temps with video card 71c idle
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