Wich memory will be compatible with this mobo.


I am planning a build with this mother board:


And was looking at the Memory Speed MHz that is listed in the description and it say's 2400MHz O.C, now does that mean i can't get any memory that isn't that exact speed? or could i get some memory stick's that were say 2133MHz.

I am looking for the fastest possible memory that i can buy, so would i just have to look at the MHz speed and get some with the highest digit's? as in 2400, although i have tried to look for memory stick's that are 2400MHz but could not find any on tiger direct.

I have found this memory:


But wouldn't i be better off buying this memory, since it has a faster MHz speed? :


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  1. Nice Board, Any DDR3 desktop ram will work. Toms did a ram review and they found the difference in ram speed on video game FPS is like 1%. I would get what ever ram has the best warrenty and price. You would probablly be best served to get 16 gig of ddr3 1600. Unless you have a specialized application that can make use of 32 gigs of ram.
  2. Thank's for your honest reply, Do you think it would be worth it getting an SSD? instead of a regular hard drive?
  3. I also forgot to mention that i will be getting this CPU:


    with this cpu liquid cooler:


    I will be using this pc for gaming and music production. :ouch:
  4. SSDs are great but keep in mind they are small when compared to a traditional drive. I would go with an SSD boot drive, and i would install my most used programs to it. I would use a conventional drive for storage and the bulk of my programs.
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