Screen artifacts and lockups, high temperatures.

Sorry for the wall of text.
My computer started experiencing strange issues yesterday.
I was playing GTA4, and all of a sudden, colored splotches began appearing all over the screen, then it froze up and rebooted.

Ever since then, I have been getting these same splotches and reboots, as well as other strange issues such as games not running at all anymore, sometimes ctd without reason, sometimes leaving a message about the renderer not functioning. It also crashed just when loading windows, nothing else running yet.

I have scanned for malware and viruses, and have cleared whatever spyware there was (no viruses), but the issue persists.
I've tried 2 sets of drivers for my video card, but both encounter this problem. When I run without any drivers at all, ithe problems seem to be absent. I've checked my memory with the windows memory app, and no errors. I've stress tested my cpu for a few minutes, at 60-100% load, and although the temperatures are high, there are no errors. I've also put a fan by my video card and turned the built in fan to 100%, effectively keeping the temperature at around 70 degrees even under load, and it still crashes. Because of this, I doubt my initial guess that it is a heat issue.

Further complicating the matter, sometimes after a crash, my apps will run fine with no problems for a relatively long period of time. I'm still thinking it may be heat, but I have no idea what it truly is.

Concerning the temperatures:
my cpu is running at around 50 degrees celsius on idle, up to 100 degrees under load (though this is with real temp running, and I think it may be overclocking automatically as it shows the clock at 2.8 ghz, instead of 2.67ghz).
My gpu is running unusually hot, at 85-91 while idling, up to 95 under load.

I'm not overclocking anything yet these issues persist. Can anyone help? Is this a cpu issue or gpu? Software or hardware? Do I need to buy a new cpu or gpu?

PS. My system specs, if relevant:
Core I-7 920 Stock speeds and stock fan
6GB Corsair 1333 ddr3 memory
Sapphire radeon 4870x2, 2 gb
western digital 500 gb harddrive
Rampage 2 extreme motherboard
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  1. Heat is definately an issue. Even with stock your idle temps should be around low 30s for the CPU. Non OC'd your full load should be around 50s (100C on your CPU is very VERY bad). Sounds like you need to reseat the cooler, or buy a custom one (Hyper 212+ is cheap)
    Your cards are also running too hot, try with just one installed then the other.
  2. It's not 2 cards, its one card with 2 gpus, 2nd gpu runs about 30-35 degrees cooler than the primary, but I think thats because its used less. I'm thinking of buying a new heatsink/cooler for both the cpu and the gpu, can you recommend any good ones for around 50 bucks a piece? I've checked some zalman ones, but I have no idea which ones are better. Thanks for the help.
  3. Just cleaned the dust out of my cpu, down to 23 degrees while idling, hope this fixes it.
  4. That is a very good temp especially with a stock cooler. If you still wanted a new cooler then the HYper212+ is the one I recommend, it is cheap (about $30) and excellent - it can also have a second fan added to it to make it even more efficient at cooling.

    Afraid I can't give much help with the GPU though. Any dust around that which needs cleaning? I assume you have a fan on side of case to blow air onto the card?
  5. Ugh, it keeps crashing and getting rid of my post here, so I'll be as brief as I can.

    Yesterday, cleaned everything, reseated the cpu, everything runs fine for a while, put it under load to test the cpu, never went up 55 degrees, everything ran fine. Using manual control for video card, hotter gpu now runs at 65 degrees idle.
    Did some writing in word and a couple of hours playing gta4, no problems.

    Today, I start up and starts freezing when windows is loading in. After 2 or 3 freezes, it won't even boot up, no post, no bios. Lights and fans load, but I couldn't tell if the hd was running. My screen stayed off, as if there wasn't a signal. I turned it on it's side, changed plug the peripheral power cable plugs into the power supply (there are 4). It starts booting up, and tells me that overclocking failed and to enter setup or load default values and continue. I go into setup, and confirm that I have NOT been overclocking, all settings are at stock speeds and voltages.

    I make it into windows and check my temperatures. Same as yesterday, do another stress test, put it under load, no problems for a while. I checked the memory with windows memory diagnostics, no errors. As I typed a similar message here asking what the problem could be, it freezes up again, then again after I reboot. So far it has not frozen on this attempt as you can read this. Have NO idea what the problem is, but I no longer think its heat, as the cpu has not gone above the idle temperature I was running at until yesterday, since I cleaned it, same with the video card. Edit: It is locking up with graphical artifacts again, strange colored boxes over my screen then a crash and reboot.

    Can anyone help me? Is this a power supply issue? Damaged motherboard? I haven't been mucking around with anything, this just started happening without a reason.

    Forgot to mention my PSU, OCZ Z series, 1000w @ the 12v rail, 83 amps. Whole system is slightly over 2 years old.
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