My Laptop CPU overheats until the point of shutdown!

Hi all, im tired of having my laptop shutsdown from overheating, it only happens when i game, but 96 degrees celsius is unbelievably hot under load. I wonder if anyone with the the same CPU or maybe the same laptop model having this problem too. Its idle temps are high too around 60 degress C. What might be wrong? i cleaned out the fan on the side too with compressed air.

The specs:

AMD athlon ii p320 dual core
ATI Mobility radeon 550v
4G ram ddr3
250G WD

Its a Dell Inspiron 15R model.

Should i take this to dell service center?
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  1. I would take it up with Dell if still under warranty!
  2. If you find someone skilled at laptop disassembly, normally you can find that the thermal compound on most cpu heat sinks solidifies/burns away after 2-3 years, leaving you with an overheating CPU. Once cleaned and outfitted with new thermal paste/compound, you should be good another 3 years or more.....
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