Which motherboard should I get? (PCI 3.0 LGA 1155)

Well I am building a gaming computer and am currently stumped on which motherboard I should buy. So can someone give me recommendations? As the title states it needs to be lga 1155 socket and preferably pci 3.0. I will list the specs I will have below if that helps any. If you can, find a motherboard below $220 that would be awesome.


Radeon 7970
8gb ddr3 ram
Coolermaster 800w psu
Samsung 500gb hdd
Crucial m4 128gb ssd
HAF 932 Case

Would also be nice if it has a decent onboard sound-card, but doesn't need to be too great since I will likely buy a sound-card in may.
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  1. This is an affordable board with one pci-e 3.0 slot: Asrock Z68 pro3 gen3 for $104.99 plus shipping at newegg.com (link broken).
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