Budget gaming build, some questions

I really wanted a good CPU and video card, so I had to skimp on other things. I have a few questions pretaining to those other things:

- My motherboard is MicroATX, and a cheap one at that. What features should I be expecting to not have in comparison to a $100 ATX mobo? I don't really mess with OCing and other complex features that much, although I do plan on eventually OCing. As for upgrading, I don't really intend on upgrading anything except for adding an aftermarket CPU fan and maybe buy 2x4 ram sticks. Does everything fit and work well together?

- My monitor had to be toned down like $20 to fit within my budget. I see that the recommended resolution is 1600 x 800 or so, while my old monitor I had in mind was 1900~ x 1080. What differences should I look out for?

Can you please check for compatibility / any forseeable problems I might have with my current parts. I also realize I have a pretty expensive case for a budget build, but I just took a look at the case and I fell in love. I just have to have it =D.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. matx boards usually have 2 RAM slots and fewer PCI/PCIe expansion slots opposed to 4 RAM slots on an ATX board. Your board comes with 4 RAM slots but 2 of them are DDR2 and 2 are DDR3, that's weird I don't even know how that works. I don't think you can use all 4 slots at the same time but I'm not exactly sure. That board also only supports 4 USB rear panel slots, so make sure that is enough.

    I really, really recommend you find $20 and upgrade to a 22" or 21.5" monitor. The monitor is what you will be staring at after all, not the parts :)

    Missing an OS but it looks good to me.
  2. What could one inch of screen change?
  3. The resolution. 1600x900 vs 1920x1080. Feel free to lower your current resolution down a notch and see how it compares. Also an extra 2 inches means a lot of screen real estate for doing general stuff. Things like viewing two web pages at once, having enough room for a side bar showing teamspeak/ventrilo/instant messenger. 1080 also gives you true HD for movies and such. You can also hop into bestbuy or any computer retail store and see the differences for yourself.
  4. Oh. I always assumed that extra screen space just made everything bigger in proportion. I never knew it actually extends the space availible. :o
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