Wich one is better ? 2 x 8gb ram


Can someone tell me if is any difference between these two, beside CAS 10 for the red one and CAS 9 for the blue one.



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  1. Check with your MB mfgr to see if those are even compatible with your motherboard.
    Otherwise, the timings aren't that big of a deal and the blue one costs $5 more.
  2. it's a ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3. where can i check to see if its compatible or not ?
  3. It will be compatible
  4. iceb, it usually is in the MB manual or the Asus website.
    Hehe, I just checked and they only list 2 sets of DDR3 1333 memory. 1 page listing.
  5. I checked myself and they dont list 2x8gb modules at any speed.
    I hope it will work.
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