New Alien Movie: Prequel

Prequel to ‘Alien’ - Ridley Scott Named Director

‘Alien’ franchise is getting revived by Twentieth-Century-Fox. They have engaged Jon Spaihts to write its prequel and Ridley Scott comes back to direct the film.
The movie is planned as a prequel to the landmark film of 1979, which was directed by Scott. The story will precede that movie, in which the members of the crew of a spacecraft coming back to Earth are roused up and were asked to investigate a distress message coming from a planetoid close by. The crew members belatedly find out that the signal produced by the spaceship was actually a tip off.



It's good see a prequel to the movie. I think they should also make a prequel for Alien vs Predator. :sarcastic:
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  1. It's going to be hard to do a good prequel as in the original it was our first contact with that alien species(or any i beleive).
  2. Well, it could be hard but if they can make it, it will surely look good, even that it's not better than the first one.
    Honestly, most original movies are much better than their sequels.
  3. Still have got to watch the Alien series, but I can tell its good.
  4. +1 ^ esqa
  5. Well, if Ridley is doing it, it should be worth watching because I know he'll want to hold it true to the original Alien.
  6. So does that mean its going to show how the aliens mutilated the colony!I hope it shows predators intervening with the human colonists so its an all-out tournament! Than again Predators is showing now at theaters which looks pretty cool from the previews.
  7. It's nice flim..
  8. Alien Prequel is now cancelled.

    The film which Ridley Scott was tasked with, has been retooled to be a different, original sci fi film instead.
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