New install Core i5-2500k on a Asus P8Z68V Pro - Thermal Paste needed?


I am in the process of assembling my new rig. I've purchased a P8Z68V Pro and a i5-2500k. I don't plan to over clock and planning to install the stock CPU cooler fan that came boxed with the processor. The FAN itself has a copper base with pre-applied thermal paste. Do I need to apply any additional thermal paste or will this be sufficient?

also how often do I need to apply the thermal paste between the CPU & cooler?
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    No you do not need to apply any thermal paste with the stock HSF (heatsink/fan) it should come pre-applied to the HSF. You will want to re-apply thermal paste whenever you remove the HSF otherwise you shouldn't need to worry about it.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. Thank you! My friends have been pushing me to buy a new HSF saying the stock one is not good or at least to remove the pre-applied thermal paste and apply arctic silver on it. So I asked...
  3. They are correct to say that the stock cooler is crap and you honestly should replace it. Also, why would you get a 2500k and not overclock it? Its the only reason you would get it over a normal 2500.
  4. the price difference b/w k and non-k was hardly $4 so I bought :) also I needed a better IGPU...
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