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I am going to buy a haf 922 for my new build...msi g890 mobo, amd x61100t, cosair 500w, patriot 2x4 gb. I replaced the mobo memory and cpu from my hp m8200n. I am kept the case and build it in that case. I am thinking of maybe getting a new case...haf 922. Is that a good case for my build with enough room? I am thinking of maybe getting a new graphics card...hd6870... and a new psu. But my first step will be the case. If I do get it should I get a 200mm fan for the side panel or two 120 for better airflow or ventilation? Thanks for all the help.
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    If you're going to buy additional fans, I'm thinking you could get great value out of a HAF 912 instead of 922. Just something else to consider.
  2. That was my first option but it seemed that the 922 had more space for maybe like I said a future upgrade (graphics card)...however the haf922 only needs the side fan it comes with the top front and rear. This gives the option to add either two 120mms or one 200mm. But what would be the main or big difference between the 912 and 922? there is only a $30 difference. I do like them both so I could go for either one. Thanks for the input.
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