Hdmi performance on 5700/LED not good

Hello, I've a Samsung 23" PX3270 and a ATI Saphire 5700. The digital connection is good, but when I hook up the HDMI the quality dissipates, specifically the non-grahpical (text) quality.

The difference is so pronounced that I go with the digital cable rather than the HDMI cable. Shouldn't the HDMI provide better quality on the monitor?

There does not seem to be any special setting required at the time of installation or in the driver software.

I have found nothing on the web that addresses this. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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  1. Which card do you have, can you give me a model number?

    They are both digital connections, maybe the hdmi cable or plug is bad, have you tried another.

    You can use either should be same.
  2. Try to borrow a HDMI cable from someone. Yours could be bad.
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