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Saw this on the wiki from Greg Bahr about Enforcers....

"in a game where food is in high demand, you will grow with the fastest
of them. This gives you a strong power base to strike early. Also, the
high amount of food counters the effects of cities on growth."

I was under the impression that if you have 100% of the food that your
current population would need for the next 100 turns than it simply did
not limit your growth. Is their any extra benefits to having more food
than 100%? Does it really have a counterbalancing effect of the city
penalty or is he simply trying to make a point that you should have
lots of food?

General Kael
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    Think so, he might be meaning cities reduce your growth and a high
    level of food will help u achieve maximum growth thus reducing the
    effects of the cities.
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    no benitif for having more than 100%...

    I believe he is talking about when there is a food shortage (high
    demand) for many races. In that case the UEA will not have one...
    therefore grow faster.
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    You do not get any added benefits for having more than 100 turns worth
    of food at your base.

    However, having a huge stockpile of food does mean that you are more
    free to invest in cities. The primary drawback of cities is not that
    they slow your growth race by 0.2% - it's that they basically triple
    your food consumption.

    If you put 100 cities on a planet, the cities themselves will only cut
    your growth by 20%. But your base will be consuming a whopping 300
    food per turn! Since you'll need 10,000 food for optimum growth on
    that base, it's extremely likely that you won't have enough. With only
    5,000 food at the base, your growth rate suffers a massive 50% hit (on
    top of the 20% for cities).

    As long as you keep tons of food rolling in, then it's a good
    investment to keep all of your colonists in cities.
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