Network says connected, no internet

Thanks for taking a look. Both my wired and wireless networks claim to be connected to the internet; however, pages won't load in any browser. I've tried updating the drivers for my cards and uninstalling them. Also used the winsock reset and intip reset commands to no avail. I'm stumped as to what to do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: note that this network works with different computers
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  1. Note sure if this matters, but the OS being used is Vista Home.
  2. may be your Ethernet problem...
    For more Information about networking :-
  3. try disable and enable on the network adapter.
    if its dialup make a new connection.
  4. Open command prompt and do an ipconfig /all
    (You could post thisinfo and it may help others to diagnose your problem.)

    This will tell you if you have an IP, and dns. This may tell you if your connected really. Also try pinging an ip address NOT and web address like
    this is yahoo. If you get a response from this but get no response to
    Then it means its a dns issue.
    Check network settings that the network settings are configured to automatically pick up dns and ip and all other settings.
  5. stevwolf, it appears to be a dns issue as url's aren't pinging but ip addresses are.
  6. If you are on a home network use opendns dns numbers. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.

    better yet for free create a opendns account and then filter all your sites to reduce the risk of getting various kinds of viruses, porn whatever and crap.

    Also however you might ask yourself why isnt the dns from your isp getting to you? I dont know the answer to this.
  7. check your dns
  8. Whoa, ya'll hit me with a bit much here. How do I actually go about checking these things and going about alleviating the problem?
  9. Still trying to get this headache fixed. Pinging ip addresses no longer works as well.
  10. a quick fix that sometimes works in a snap for me,

    open cmd as administrator,

    ipconfig /release

    (output of command here)

    ipconfig /renew

    (new info here)

    What this does is refresh all of your computers "networking" info. Sometimes it's all it takes.
  11. Renewed the ip but still nothing.
  12. i would hate to do a fresh install but this thing just can't get figured out.
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