Will this work? new gpu and psu

my current system
foxconn g31mx-k
iso-450pp ( 350w max)
4gb ram

I'm looking to replace the hd4350 with a hd4870 and my psu with this http://computer-software.marktplaats.nl/kabels-en-voeding/413075171-630-watt-gamer-voeding-z-g-a-n.html?return=eJwtjVEKgzAQRO8i6KcmkbYQkWJvsphUgzFZzFpLS%2B%2Fe1fZr3uwbWNBSv50WTdLyonSWLCz92IxEqKtqimhDOcMyEXoASmXw1W9S4ojXp29lYVJLMa87mdc34xg4PXG%2BHDKmu0l%2Fi%2FtVMMwsurDOdnE912njeq5Frk5KbEB0wADsD3pEa1wYeBnT%2FkAViGsrsubzBdBuOyw%3D&df=1&fta=eNotTlsOgjAQvMsm%2Bl3A%2BJgNV%2FAKZGMrNhZo3AJG491tjV%2BzO5N5CA54K46g%2BRG6RYISK04G9AxttbXapgkVWw8OCS8fWa9WMxMTDA8R4zy4h7%2FwfcW%2BMZvarJJShl4yn3GZnPVjz5N61NsY59aUhh0oSu%2BIfc5SNCBvf9V5SXU8Xc3eNeWtspKmKFa74MY%2B3YrDlImgQZ5dCck%2B%2B0upQbISn%2F%2FnQiwweH8%2BX%2Bc9R6M%3D&fta_ind=1&fs=1

I was kinda worried that perhaps my mobo was incompatible for the hd4870 but i saw hd4350 is also pci-e express 2.0 .. is this true? Also will the psu work on my mobo? I've been asking around lately and i'd just love one or two more opinions. This is the first time i'm upgrading my desktop ( parents won't usually let me ) and i just like to know for sure. I'm a gamer and i love great graphics but my hd4350 won't let me .. it's my cpu keeping me alive ^^ ( I game at low res )

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  1. a 630w psu is fine for your set up and will work with your mobo. also yes the 4870 will work with your pc
  2. ^agree
  3. Both the PSU and GPU should be fine. I'd wonder though, why the ATI 4870? There are newer cards out that are better & faster than that. Depending on the price, you could get a better card for the same money.

    Regardless, the 4870 is going to be a big jump in performance compared to your 4350.
  4. I play at a low resolution ( 1280, sometimes 1024 ) so i don't really need a better ( newer ) card. i've heard direct x 11 makes almost no difference on low resolutions and i got the card cheap

    anyway, thanks for the replies
  5. your welcome have fun
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