New to htpc scene, have a couple questions?

Ive tried.googling for some simple direct answers but havent found them so I thought I would come to the experts!

I have comcast cable. I am building myself an HTPC and would like to do all my tv watching movie watching etc on windows media center.

In order to watch all the premium channels, hd, etc, what would I need from comcast?

As for the tv tuner card would I need anything fancy or just a regular tuner?

Im not worried about recording 4 shows at once but I I would like to be able to record one. Last question is, does ondemand work with windows media center?

I really appreciate all the help
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  1. For premium cable content, you need a CableCard tuner. The only one out right now is the Ceton one with 4 tuners. It is expensive though. Silicondust is coming out with a less expensive CableCard tuner (HDHomerun Prime) but who knows when it will be out.

    If you do get a CableCard tuner, you need to rent a CableCard from comcast. You won't get on demand programming though.
  2. pretty much a terrible idea, not worth it imo, if that is really what you want to do get a cable box...
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