Lock the Core Clock

Is there any way to lock the core clock and prevent it from changing?

With a certain 3D software application, it was doing this:

And just rapidly bouncing between 775 and 100 (the normal 3D clock is 900). This never happened with my old card (HD 4890).

I'm using an HD 6870.

I also want to lock it so it doesn't downclock to 2D if there's 3D running...
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  1. Is it a problem? Does the performance suffer?

    Newer cards have a feature that lowers the clock significantly when it is not under heavy stress to save power. Sure, you could lock it to the max clock, but that would be a waste of power and money. Only do that if it is lowering the clock and causing performance problems, like during games, but if it's some type of light 3d software app, and it's not suffering performance-wise, don't worry about it.
  2. It keeps going up and down WHILE I'm playing a game. Not only is this probably bad for the card, but it's also lowering the FPS.

    It's a game.

    I found a way to lock it though. ATI Tray Tools can.
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