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Earlier today I woke up and started up my computer, it was going alright, displayed the screen showing me the Gigabyte logo and all went black then made a series of rapid clicking sounds. They came from the speaker on my motherboard and I was taken to my Bios settings.

Taking some advice from some friends, I unplugged all USB devices, except for my keyboard then proceeded to unplug every non essential piece of hardware inside of my machine out, including optical drives. It made the clicking sounds again.

I then experimented with taking out my GPU and Sound Card and still it made the clicking sound.

My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-EP35-DSL3, hope that helps some. My CPU is a Socket 775 Intel Core 2 Duo.

Any help will be appreciated.
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  1. there are parts inside your pc is not inserted or connected correctly and maybe the parts inside your pc has lots of dust/dirts in it. You should clean it and reconnect them. This should fix it......was a yahoo best answer on a question like yours....try it and see what happens
  2. I have already done this spent about 3 cans of canned air
  3. unplug the HDD and the optical drive if its still there, if you are using anything on USB try changing it to another port....if its still there thats could mean poor cable shielding, a leaky capacitor somewhere, mismatched drivers, sound card issues, volume level overdriving, close proximity to a cell phone or some other RFI source, etc.........assuming nothing like a cell phone is near it RMA if possible or you might need a new one
  4. Checked for leaky capacitors and already tried disconnecting my HDD and all optical drives and my gpu and sound card. Still get the clicking also out if warranty
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