What is the best driver for 4870 crossfire setup??

Hi All!! It has been awhile since I have posted here, so hello to all. I am waiting for the new catalyst and driver release from AMD version 11.1. I currently have driver version 10.12 installed. The current driver seems to work OK. My question is this since AMD is very concerned about the newest 6xxx and 5xxx series cards and seems to have considered the 4xxx series of cards a closed book; I have two each Asus 4870 1GB gpus in crossfire which CCC and driver do you recommend for me to use? The only real anecdotal evidence that I have are some of the benchmarks I have run. The one that in memory stands out is the 2D and 3D display benchmark values in the PCpitstop (pcpitstop.com) tests. Just the other day I got a 2.3 sec for the 2D part of the test. I think I can remember 1.7-1.8ish sec in an older driver, but I don’t remember the version. The system in question gets 20615 in 3dmark06 and a score of P16377 in vantage just recently run. Has AMD given up on the 4870 series cards? Is it best to always install the latest driver? Can anyone recommend the best driver release for these cards?
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