I used to use a powerline to connect to the internet..

Well I still do but it disconnects often while playing games and after 10:00 it just doesn't work for some reason -.-

I want to try going wireless, but those usb wireless adapters do not work with my system for some reason, they just don't have the signal required or the signal is there but it doesn't give internet connectivity, maybe its because I'm not using the router and the usb adapter of the same brand for "best results" as it states.. I dunno..

I want to try getting this


is this a good deal for the price? should I get it? and will this work with my system? this is my system


^it states 3.6 ghz proc speed but its actually 3.4 ghz..

but yea.. will that network card work and provide wireless? I really have no clue xD since that system comes with a network card I don't know if I should tamper with that
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  1. Your link didn't link to the product correctly.
  2. newegg does that, drag and drop the link to a new tab
  3. uWhen Using a powerline networking product there is always a risk involved. The risk being that the power cabling in the property is old/poor, and therefore causes interferance.
    You will never beat the quality and reliability of a wired ethernet connection. If at all possible, wire in an ethernet cable, either under the floor or along the edge of the wall in conduit.
  4. uhh I want to go wireless.. does thatt wireless card work with my system?
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