Is 38.4 CFM good for a 120mm Case Fan?

I just wanted to buy a couple off of ebay, but I don't know if that CFM is good enough. Is it? Also, if you have a black case with a couple of Blue LED fans, what is another good color to go with it?

Hint: Using Rosewill Challenger case
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  1. It's not the best but higher CFMs come at the cost of noise.
  2. Well the case comes with 2 120mm fans and a 140mm fan, and I want to get two more 120mm fans. Seems like that itself will be overkill, shouldn't it?
  3. I have bought a couple similar to this at 1500rpm relatively quiet
  4. Those are good, I'll use them to replace some of my other fans. As for color scheme, what color will go well with Blue LED fans in a black case?
  5. Wait to see what your temps are like before you buy more fans, although those will go well with the included ones. They are slow fans, which means they don't move a lot of air, but they are extremely quiet. 38.4 CFM is definitely low for a 120mm fan, but may be enough. Unless you plan a high OC, you may not need them, and you'd probably be better served by simply replacing the included front and rear (nvm the top) fans with faster ones.
    I'm running an insignificantly-OCed 970BE right now, in a case with similar slow, quiet, front, rear, and top fans, and my CPU idles at 30C; Prime95 takes it up to 48C and I still don't hear any of the fans.
  6. Either black no led's or more blue led fans!
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  8. Yeah, right now I like using the led fans, but eventually I will get out of that habit. I won't be overclocking, as my CPU is plenty enough for right now. That seems like a really good deal, browsing. i will definitely get those as well. If anyone is wondering why I am getting so many fans, I have two desktops.
  9. Also, is there any way to buy regular case fans and then add leds to them?
  10. I don't think so, at least not neatly. Of course, it is possible that someone uses the same housing for their LED and non-LED fans, so the places for LEDs might already be molded into the housing; you'd have to check around if there are any like that.
  11. Well, the CFM rating for my other three fans are all at least 74 CFM. So if I get a couple of cheap fans for looks, it won't hurt the system, especially since I am doing light gaming and not overclocking yet
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