Best Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo?

Battery life aside, does anyone know of a wireless keyboard (& mouse combo) that still has a Num Lock/Caps Lock/Scroll Lock indicator lights, on the keyboard if possible?

Else, IYO what' the best Wireless USB Keyboard and Mouse combo.

I've got an Inland Pro 2.4GHz Wireless desktop, but the keyboard is choppy (misses strokes), even though the tower is only 2' to the right and beside the desk. I also have another one, and the Shift key sticks down alot.

I tried re-syncing them several times, it didn't help.

I've tried the Gear Head 2.4GHz Wireless desktop, but the function keys were out of place, and I kept hitting F1 instead of F2 (alot) while document editing. I just returned a Logitech MK260(?) 'cause I didn't think I needed it (duh!).

Thinking of droppin' some bucks on a Microsoft Wireless Desktop 5000 model: $75 (The Inland set up was only $20 from Micro Center).

I prefer a USB doggle, and the smaller the better. I tried putting the doggle in the back tower USB ports, but got no signal reception to/from the keyboard & mouse. So now the doggel in in the front USB port on my Antec 300 case. That's OKay.

But, and this is a must, the placement of the Insert/Home/Page Up keys MUST be correct! Insert - Home - Page Up, with the Delete - End - Page Down key right BELOW them. I'm so used to this keyboards layout, that I can't get used to those keys "sideways."

Whatta ya think?
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  1. Wireless Keyboard, yes. Wireless Mouse, id avoid. Personally im using a Logitech Wireless Keyboard (not sure of the model number) with a Logitech MX 18 mouse. Things like keyboard and mouse combo's usually depend on personal prefrence.
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