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Can this PSU run my system properly?

I have a Bestec max 268W PSU in my computer and it's been used for 18 monthes. My graphics card fan has just stopped recently and caused my GPU to overheat. I tried to clean it, but with no positive results. The fan did go on for a couple of hours today after bootup, but when I ran a game (not very graphics intensive), it stopped again. It couldn't start when I shutdown and booted up again.

My Specs:
AMD Athlon X3 425
ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB
Bestec 268W PSU

I'm wondering if this might be the PSU's fault. It's strange that I used it for 18 monthes without a single crash until recently even though people say that the 4650 needs a 400W PSU :o

Should I change the PSU? Or should I leave it alone and get a new GPU fan?

EDIT: I probably wasn't very clear... but the 4650 is my current video card.
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  1. Probably... What's your current video card? The 4650 might use even less power than what you are replacing...
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    I don't think that a bad/weak PSU would cause that fan problem. It could cause all sorts of other problems, which I'm sure you've heard of, but you don't seem to have any of them. This seems like a problem limited to the GPU fan.
    This review puts a full system with a 4650 at 249W, which is pushing your hardware but, apparently, not crashing it.
  3. Thanks for the quick responses. I also think it's not the PSU's fault because the fan is running now with extremely loud noises even at 50%. I think something is wrong with the bearings and I'll try to find a replacement.

    Does various fans have different power requirements? I don't want to overload the PSU with a new fan.
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