Problems gaming with the quadro fx 880m.

So I just bought a new workstation for college, (HP Elitebook)

Its got an i7620m, 4gb ram, and an nvidia quadro fx 880m.

when i try to play blackops, everything runs very smooth at first (menu, server selection, etc.) But as SOON as i get into a server, any server doesn't matter which, the game starts to crash and it freezes and the screen goes black, then the picture comes back, frame changes, and it freezes and goes black again.

i've tried lowering the graphics settings, im running at minimal settings, and this is STILL happening.. any ideas?
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  1. The option is a workstation card and will definitely help with CAD and Maya rendering, but is not so good for gaming. Also remember that a higher powered GPU in a notebook will drain the battery faster. Finally, remember that whatever you choose, you are stuck with because you can't upgrade or remove graphics cards from laptops.
  2. Yeah, goodbye decent gaming hello a lot of homework!

    Quadro is geared for professionals.
    Geforce is geared for consumer.
  3. I had the same problem - Just downloaded the new 275.33 beta driver and so far so good. the games are great and no problems yet with AutoCAD. It's not the recommended AutoCAD driver, so I may have to switch back at some point if I run into problems, but for now the possible future hassle is worth it
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