Amd or Intel for my first $1000 gaming rig?

Should I buy an intel or amd cpu for my first gaming rig? I only have a $1000 budget right now ( I am only 16).
If I should get and AMD, which one would be best?
If an Intel, which one would be best?
I am trying to get the best computer I can get with my budget.
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  1. For that budget the only reasonable choice is the i5-2500K + Z68 motherboard (for overclocking).
  2. Can I buy a computer with that, which is already built? Because I do not know how to build my own computer by myself.
  3. It's not hard to build a computer but I would recommend you having someone more knowledgeable help you in real life. It's like a retarded jigsaw puzzle with 5 pieces.

    That being said you might want to just buy a computer instead of buying $1000 worth of components and having to explain to your parents you don't know why your computer isn't working. If you do buy a computer iBuypower is a good choice for your money (weekly specials).
  4. AMD is really right now only preferable for under $500 budget desktop systems.
    Above that I would choose Intel.I also agree with a Intel i5-2500K CPU based system for a $1,000 budget.This might change though as of perhaps August (or Sept) when AMD has their bulldozer line of CPU's coming out.Until then I would stick with Intel or perhaps wait a bit.
  5. iBuyPower? Is it safe? Or should I go with CyberPower or something?
  6. THG and AnandTech have done some reviews on iBuyPower and CyberPower rigs; it might be a good idea to check the forums under Prebuilts to get some feedback from actual customers...; their prices seem reasonable for prebuilts, IMO, just don't pay them to OC it for you....
  7. Look at this list of parts from Tom's $1000 gaming build:,2969.html

    Compare what you see with any pre-built.
    Note that a monitor, OS, and keyboard/mouse are not included. Don't know if those are part of your budget.

    Do a bit of research to see what is involved in building it yourself, and you will find that it is not so hard.
    There should be some youtube videos.

    You can get a nice compatible list of parts from these nice forum posters.

    In the end, though, treat this as a learning experience. Priceless...
  8. ^+1. good advice. 1 piece of advice for new system builders, get a quality PSU. Find a review of a PCU before you buy it, the review must load test the psu to its max and use an oscilloscope for testing. A general rule of thumb is chose Antec, Seasonic, Corsair or XFX brand PSU's and you will get a quality unit.
  9. If it's his parent's money he should really just buy a prebuilt in case anything goes wrong. Learn with your own money (doesn't happen much nowadays).
  10. Well intel is better, but if you want to save $$$ you can get a good Amd or intel, but amd Is cheaper, and ibuypower Is safe, it is a real company.

    Hope this helps :)
  11. i would say intel i'm anoyed with amd
    there chipsets suck !

    can u imagine i had to get m msi board replaced withtin a year which is still showing some problems
    i would recommend u intel chipsets with there processor ][ less complex ~ more simplified :)
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