Help with 8 pin 12 volt Connector!!

I have a gigabyte z68x-ud3-b3 and I am using a Corsair TX 750 power supply. There is a 8 pin 12 volt connector on this motherboard for the CPU power, but I am not seeing any connector of that kind on the power supply. Any suggestions, advice, or ideas?
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  1. The original TX 750 has a 4+4 connector, it will look like 2 4 pin connectors that split about 2 inches up from the connector, they can fit together to form a single 8 pin EPS connector for the CPU power.
  2. If not, some come with a 4-pin to 8-pin converter.
  3. ^ Either way the correct cable or converter (if necessary) will be supplied with the PSU.
  4. I am also using a Corsair TX750 and it does have a 8 pin connector, it's actually a 2 x 4 pin connector. Just check those wires my friend it's just there.
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