My motherboard definitely the problem?

I had decided to buy a new mobo but perhaps just to be sure i could ask whether other people think it sounds like that is what is necessary... as in that thread ( my system as it stands is:

CPU: intel Core 2 Duo E8400
GFX: 1x GeForce 9800GTX+
RAM: 2 2gb RAM modules (corsair dominator 1066mhz ddr2 cm2x2048-8500c5d)
PSU: 600 watt (
Mobo: Asus P5N-T Deluxe

My issue is: Computer fails to POST, power light on mobo is on, fans spin up to max as is normal during POST for this mobo but there's no POST beep (have pc speaker) no output to monitor, and the fans remain at max, which is not normal.

The only symptoms before refusing to POST were occasional/sporadic freezes which required a restart during more graphics/processor intensive gaming - also it did manage to boot a few times before completely refusing to POST only to get stuck on the initial Asus P5NT-Deluxe screen (so it was a fairly gradual decline rather than a completely sudden failure).

No signs of burn outs or damage anywhere.

Have disconnected cleaned and reseated all cables, cards, and CPU (including repasting thermal compound). Removed all dust.

Tried booting with no ram / gfx card, every combination of ram modules in different sockets etc (no beeps still). Reset CMOS jumper / changed cmos battery.

obviously wont boot off CD since it doesnt POST... after trying all of the above, symptoms are exactly the same - so it led me to think mobo or possibly psu, but i thought mobo.

any other opinions would be welcome.
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  1. Could be either the motherboard or power supply. You'll just have to do basic troubleshooting and decide which one you want to replace first. The ps can be tested with a simple ohm meter, but sometimes it's not conclusive. Good luck.
  2. The only way to conclusively test any computer component outside of a lab environment is to replace individual components with known good ones.
  3. You should not expect old hardware to be working like a wonder. You'll be better buying a new mobo.

    If u r keen upon using that cpu, this is for you:


    if you wanna be relevant with the times, then this is for u: Pair it with an i3-2100.
  4. I like the second option of going for the socket 1155 motherboard and the i3 quad core - looking at the dollar price i thought that was affordable but finding a direct correlation to UK prices was harder, would this motherboard be equivalent to the one quoted from tigerdirect? :

    so if i bought that mobo + processor it would be compatible with my other hardware?
  5. For example it seems as if most of the more modern boards / processors require DDR3 ram? so RAM would need an upgrade as well.

    as for the older board it supports ddr2 but only at 800mhz which is below the 1066 i have at the moment? or have i misinterpreted those requirements?
  6. Older boards may run 1066 ram at only 800; some will run it at 1066 only when overclocking the cpu. Most boards will run your old ram fine as long as it's non-ecc regular desktop variety.
  7. Thanks for all of the input - turned out to be a faulty mobo, i suspect it was aged capacitors as i noticed a couple of wonky ones when replacing it. Thanks again!
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