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Hello again, Tom's Hardware.
I'm considering upgrading to the fastest possible CPU for my Optiplex 755. But, as of right now, I'm a bit low on cash.
While I wait for the $400 needed to upgrade to the max, would it be advisable to use a temporary CPU in my Current rig?
If so, are there any that meet my criteria?:
Socket: LGA 755
Cores: Don't really care.
Cache: Don't really care.
TDP(Voltage): Anything below 95 watts.
Cost: <$100
Usage: Gaming (stuff like GTA IV, Guitar Hero, etc.)

I have already found a CPU that may suit me well, but what do you guys think?:

Thanks again,
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  1. I wouldn't change anything. Dell boards aren't designed to upgrade the cpu; your board may run fine with older .65 nm cpus, but the cpu you selected is a wolfdale .45 nm, which may not even post. Anytime you want to upgrade, you would be better off building your own. Check on one of the dell forums and see if someone has tried this cpu on your board.
  2. that cpu is a good enough solution i think, gtaiv likes quad cores, but you may get by on a 3ghz dual core. just make sure it is on the supported list for the motherboard you have.
  3. o1die: Already checked for CPU compatibility, the Q35 chipset supports Wolfdales.
    iam2thecrowe: Yep, found that out recently as well. Planning on upgrading to a Q9650 once I have the Cash.
    Thanks for the replies,
  4. Quote:
    i REALLY wouldnt reccommend that, for that price you could get a 2500K AND a new LGA1155 mobo:

    unless ofcourse you are getting the Q6950 REALLY cheap.

    Haha, wish I could, but Dell Mobos are Proprietary, can't really upgrade to anything in the ATX/mATX form factor.
    If only dell would use standard components.......
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