Need some help with PCI express explanation

I want to buy a sapphire amd radeon hd 7970 but it says its a PCI Express 3.0 x16 and my motherboard is PCI Express x16...will it still work with my motherboard? please, I need some accurate answers before I purchase this product.
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  1. I would email your motherboard tech support to be safe. You need to list your board make and model number; same for the power supply.
  2. It should work if your power supply has at least one pci-e connector; most are 6 pin; check your card to see if it uses a 6 or 8 pin connector from the power supply. I recommend a new antec or corsair 500 watt ps. Also take a tape measure and get the length from the ports on the back to the hardrive cage to be sure your card will fit. The HIS brand I checked takes an 8 pin connector.
  3. That system's power supply (300w) will not meet the needs of the HD7970. To use this GPU, the OP will need a stronger PSU as well.
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