Xfx geforce 9800 gt - fix fan or new card?

The fan in my XFX GeForce 9800 GT started making sounds yesterday. Today it sounds like a lawnmower. Is putting a new fan on the card worth the effort? If not, could you recommend a comparable and/or inexpensive card? I'd like to buy one locally tonight, if possible? Thanks!
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  1. You can fix it with a little effort and almost no cost at all. On the orginal models that used the same cooler as the 8800gt and 9600gt you can remove the face plate and then remove the fan while others you will likely have the remove the whole cooler then remove the face plate. Once the fan has been removed you will have one of either type of fan. Most have a sticker on the bottom that reviles a small ring holding the shaft and bearing in place. Dab a small about of great/lubricant/even motor grade will do just fine. That will easily solve the noise issue due to bad bearings. The other you will find that once you try to remove the sticker under the fan that there is no hole and ring but instead the fan easily pulls apart and you can simple grease the bearings. I had to do this on a new gtx 460 after 4 months use.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion! My fan had the first setup. I dropped some lube in there and threw it back in the tower. The sound is going a way, but is still there. How long should I let it run before I know if it will solve the prob or not?
  3. You are fine, if you put enough on there and the bearing didn't become to bad it should last any ware from a few months to a year or more. Once you did the job that was all you had to do and it isn't like thermal compound but more like oil in your car, ready to use.
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